At Richmond Nursery we offer a broadly diverse set of plants, all grown in our own greenhouses. We believe in working with our customers for mutual success and know the relationships we build between our people and our plants is key to a successful project.

We operate primarily on a pre-order basis catering to landscapers, businesses, garden centres, farms, condominium groups, and community associations.

Our annual, herb, and vegetable products include:

  • Pre-made and custom hanging baskets of various sizes.
    Perfect for BIA organizations, condominiums, fundraisers, restaurants, and corporations looking for flowering curb-appeal.
  • Annuals for planting beds of any size.
  • Select custom annual plugs as well as larger-sized pre-finished annuals for transplanting and fast-finish.
  • Vegetable and herb plugs custom grown for farm planting.
  • Vegetable and herb plants in finished pots for retail sales or planting in community gardens.
  • Fall mums and kale.

Our perennial products include:

  • Seed-grown perennial plugs for growers and independent garden centres.
  • Larger pre-finished perennial plugs for growers and garden centres to transplant and finish.
  • Premium sized perennials plants for direct planting into the garden.
  • Higher volume large-plug perennials for commercial mass-plantings.

We realize in many cases commercial customers aren't as familiar with the diversity of plants we grow, their characteristics, or what conditions are most suitable to be planted. To help in these situations, we offer assistance in the selection and quantity of plants for your customers.

Send us information on the space to be planted and include the area, the light exposure, information on the ability/inability to water the plants, any desired colour schemes or requests along with optional photographs, sketches, or drawings of the desired beds. We will help come up with a plan and provide guidance on the correct selection of plants, their spacing, and care. These plants are not formal documents like those from landscape designers but rather simple and practical designs tuned for commercial plantings. Our priority is always the long-term all-season performance.

The following is a sample of how our commercial plans are delivered:

Bed Name Exposure Area (sq.ft.) Plant Location Spacing Quantity
West Main Entrance Partial Sun 40 Begonia Bada Bing Rose Border existing plants 12" 40
North Entrance Shade 40 Begonia Bada Bing Rose Mass Planting 12" 40
North Entrance Bed w/ Tree in Centre Shade/Part Shade 250 Coleus French Quarter Centre of bed around tree 18" 85
      Sunpatiens Vigorous Rose Pink Mass planting remainder of bed 16" 295
Bed with Main Sign Shade 60 Coleus Wasabi Under Sign 18" 6
      Sunpatiens Compact Pink Border 18" 20
Building South Side Bed Sun 300 Salvia White Flame Against brick wall in back 18" 24
      Celosia Dracula Mid-height filler 10" 240
      Dusty Miller Silverdust Border planting 10" 72