Succulents are super easy to care for indoor plants for bright and sunny spots. Here are a few tips to help you have the best success at home.

Whenever you get a plant, think of how that plant has adapted to nature to get clues on how to grow your plants. Succulent plants have evolved to live in hot, sunny, and dry environments. That means they like lots of light and less water.

  • Give succulents as much light as possible. They're adapted to growing out in the open without any shade. Too little light and they can get stretchy and floppy. Some succulents, like Jade, can take a little less light, but the general rule of thumb is as bright as possible.
  • Let succulents dry out between watering. Their leaves are designed to conserve moisture so they can withstand dry periods better than other plants. That doesn't mean you want the soil to become dust, but rather that it cycles between moist and dry. If the soil starts to pull away from the side of the pot, it's time to water.
  • In the winter when it's cooler and not as bright, don't wet them too much. Since plants grow less in cool weather, keeping succulents too moist in the winter can let rot move in. Some succulents are more sensitive than others. Succulents with a rosette are more prone to rotting if water sits on them than ones with stems.
  • All plants need food, succulent or not. When feeding your succulent, don't feed dry roots. Give your succulent a drink, wait a day, then give it a little plant food in the water. That way the roots are all hydrated and prepared for the food and won't get burnt.