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Poinsettia Festival
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To me, there are a few things that make the holiday season what it is. Little things that jog memories, so to speak. The white dusting of snow bringing peace to the chill outdoors. The resinous smell of an evergreen Christmas Tree reminding us of warmer months. Those distinct melodies of carols dancing through the air. The smell of spices from holiday baking tickling your tastebuds. The crackling of wood in a fireplace casting it's warmth and radiance. And of course, the vibrant colours of poinsettia warming the heart.

Now the poinsettia part may not be as much of a memory of the season to others as it is to me growing up in the greenhouse, but it should be. During a time of year where the leaves are off the trees and the outdoor landscape becomes more monochrome, having that richness of colour just does something to warm the home and make it feel cozy and comfortable.

The legend of the poinsettia goes like this: A poor Mexican girl felt sad not having any gift for Jesus on his Birthday. So she picked some weeds along the side of the road - all the gift she could afford. Upon laying the weeds around the manger, the leaves burst into colour - red with little yellow centres. La flor de la Nochebuena, the flower of the Holy Night, or the Poinsettia. Even the hublest of gifts given in earnest means the world.

It's a beautiful little story and, to me, exemplifies the simplicity of the poinsettia. It's a way to forget the hustle and bustle of modern day life as we're bombarded with gadgets and artificial everything. Whenever I go into the greenhouse this time of year and see the poinsettias we grow, it really warms my heart a little and makes me slow down and appreciate the season. It's a feeling that's shared amongst all of us in the greenhouse and we'd like to share that feeling a little bit with you.

This weekend, November 30th and December 1st, drop by for a visit at our Poinsettia Festival. Let us share a little of what makes the season what it is with you. They'll be snow (or so the weatherman says lots of it), the smell of fresh trees, the warmth of the greenhouse, the spices of fresh cider and a bit of seasonal baking, and of course our home-grown poinsettias. I don't need to mention that we'll also be offering a whole range of specials in-store, but it's the holiday feeling we'd like to share - that relative simplicity away from the jarring push of daily life. A time to relax, take a stroll, smell the fresh air, and just enjoy.

So come celebrate what makes the season what it is with us. Enjoying the simple things in life with family and friends and a little bit of colour in your home in the form of a truely home-grown Poinsettia.

Poinsettia Fundraisers
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For over 35 years we've been home-growing our poinsettias right here in Richmond and our poinsettias are only sold via the Garden Centre, select florists, and through fund-raisers for various organizations. If your organization is looking for a fund-raising program, look no further than Richmond Nursery poinsettias.

Winter Protection
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When the winter comes around, some plants need a little help to ensure they survive the winter. Once you know what you're protecting your plants from, you can quickly find the right solution to protect your plants.

Poinsettia Care
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Poinsettias are woody plants native to Mexico and, with a little care, can last for months indoors.



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