Specials & Announcements
  • The New Richmond Nursery

    In 2015, the Richmond Nursery is moving to 5740 Richmond Road, the corner of Richmond Road and Fallowfield Road. The Strawberry Farm and Greenhouse will be together at the same location.Read More
  • Holiday Preview Weekend

    Get a preview of the holiday season with our Holiday Preview Weekend.Read More
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FeaturesArticles for your garden
  • Fundraising Events

    We've been home-growing plants locally for decades. It's only fair we help give back to our community in some way. One way we do this is through fund-raising programs for community organizations, non-proft groups, or other worthy causes.

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  • Fall Lawn Care

    In the fall, there are a few steps to take to make sure you have the best lawn in the spring.

    Read More
  • The Rules of Fall Bulbs

    When thinking of bulbs, there are a few golden rules to follow to get the best success.

    Read More
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To DoWhat to do in your garden
  • Gardening with Purpose

    We all like the idea of having a nice looking garden, but you can also include plants for other purposes.Read More
  • Fall Tree Planting

    Fall is the best time to plant! Or is it?Read More
  • Winter Protection

    When the winter comes around, some plants need a little help to ensure they survive the winter. Once you know what you're protecting your plants from, you can quickly find the right solution to protect your plants.Read More
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How To Find Us

  • Garden Centre Location
    Richmond Nursery Garden Centre
    3440 Eagleson Road
    Box 850
    Richmond Ontario
    P: (613) 838-2282