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Romaine Lettuce packs a punch of flavour while being easy to grow and cook. Here are a few of our Romaine Lettuce tips for the kitchen.

Asparagus are perennial plants where the new shoots are harvested early in the spring. The edible part of the asparagus actually consists of the stem and undeveloped leaves.

What you should do in the fall to put your perennials to bed.

When the winter comes around, some plants need a little help to ensure they survive the winter. Once you know what you're protecting your plants from, you can quickly find the right solution to protect your plants.

When winter hits, ice buildup often happens with the first big storm. What to after the ice hits can be a big problem.

Poinsettias are woody plants native to Mexico and, with a little care, can last for months or even years indoors.

There's a big difference between a gardener's garden and a designed garden. But what's the real difference?

Sometimes plants die in the winter, but is it cold or is it something else?

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