Using your plants or the harvest from your plants is very rewarding. Rather than traditional recipes, these little tidbits will give you ideas you can start with and create your own dishes. Besides, cooking should be enjoyable and exploratory not just step-by-step.

Fall just wouldn't be the same without a rich squash soup to celebrate the harvest.

The squash that's insides look like spaghetti. Here's how we prepare it.

When tomato season comes, one of the best ways to enjoy them is in the simplicity of a Caprese Salad.

Lamb tends to have a strong flavour. Using simple ground lamb and a few spices coupled with the sweetnes of root vegetables makes a great meal.

Romaine Lettuce packs a punch of flavour while being easy to grow and cook. Here are a few of our Romaine Lettuce tips for the kitchen.

Asparagus are perennial plants where the new shoots are harvested early in the spring. The edible part of the asparagus actually consists of the stem and undeveloped leaves.