Valentine's Day Plants

Everybody looks to cut roses and flowers for Valentine's Day, but isn't it better to give a gift that keeps on giving?

For Valentine's Day there are many different plants, some common and some not, that makes a good replacement for the common cut flower. Since cut flowers only last a relatively short time, it's nice to have a living plant. Some of the more common houseplants for Valentine's Day include Miniature Roses, African Violets, and Pot Mums. But there are quite a few other plants that also are very nice for Valentine's Day.

Personally, I like orchids for days like this. They're exotic plants whose flowers last for months, depending on what kind. It can be sometimes hard to get them to re-bloom, but one of our staff tried a little trick that seemed to work for her. Once a week, she puts three ice-cubes on the surface of the pot and lets them melt. She has had her Phalanopsis flower again and again, so it sounds like a nice trick that may work quite well. It is somewhat understandable since some orchids are triggered to flower by cold so the ice cubes would make a small localized cold area.

Another nice little gift is some sort of arrangement. One very unique arrangement is an air-plant and bromeliad driftwood sculpture. These little sculptures are really nice since they have no roots and just pull their moisture from the air. Misting the sculpture on a regular basis keeps the plants alive. If there is a bromeliad in the sculpture, then you may have to give it some extra water. One easy way is to fill a large sink with water and dunk the whole sculpture under water for about 5 minutes which allows water to flow into the moss-covered root system.

Some plants are collector's items like the Clivia. It's a rather odd-looking plant, but has very nice flowers. At first, I wasn't all that impressed seeing the plant, but I have since changed my position and think it's a very interesting plant with beautiful flowers.

There are many other flowering houseplants available. It's worth visiting the greenhouse, especially in the cold winter, and taking browse. You're sure to find some lovely little plant for your sweetheart. It always satisfying to see a plant grow and flourish, especially for Valentine's Day.

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