Our Friends Are Going Hungry

I always said we need more flowers in the garden. A short chat with a local beekeeper just proved it for me.

Last year I wrote a commentary article called Creating the New Super Highway. In it, I lamented about how I'm sad about not seeing as many flowers around and the impact that must have on the bees. My personal opinion was always that the lack of flower diversity does more harm to bees than anything. Admittedly, it was a commentary with some truth and some opinion, but not overly scientific.

This year, that commentary became a reality. A local beekeeper and I had a little chat. He's got some really nice hives of bees, very well protected from the bears and other critters, and in a nice rural area. His bees are, for the most part very healthy and active. No colony collapse, no pesticide problem, just nice healthy hives.

But when I asked how good his honey is this year (because it is just so good), he replied it was awful. The lack of flowers and hence lack of food means there's no surplus honey. There's enough honey for the hive to survive the winter, but not much more. I'm so sad.

Early in the year, I commented on the lack of flowers this year. I felt all depressed driving around neighbourhoods not seeing flowers. I admit, it was a discouraging year to have flowers - cold spring weather, extreme heat, lack of water, etc. But that discouragement for us to make our garden seems to have a larger ripple effect that we care to realize sometimes.

Let's just not get discouraged and do our part to keep our entire world alive. Throw your pebble into the pond and make new ripples.

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