About Us

Richmond Nursery has been focused on growing and supplying the best plants to the Ottawa area. Annuals, perennials, vegetables, and herbs are all locally grown in our own greenhouses - a tradition we are very proud of. We also grow some of our own trees, shrubs, and vines. Find out all about the Richmond Nursery here.

Ever think about working in a Greenhouse and Farm?

Common questions about landscaping and consultation services.

Common questions relating to plant health and maintenance.

Common questions about plant purchases.

As a grower of both greenhouse and outdoor crops, there are many challenges we face and decisions we make on how to best deal with pests. We have always tried to use as many biological controls in our greenhouse, though not always with a welcome reception.

We've been home-growing plants locally for decades. It's only fair we help give back to our community in some way. One way we do this is through fund-raising programs for community organizations, non-proft groups, or other worthy causes.

As a Greenhouse and Field Grower, we don't really talk about green initiatives. So what have we done to be more green?

Gardening uses lots of plastic. It's an unfortunate truth. There's plastic for the greenhouses, plastic for pots, plastic for trays, plastic everywhere. How can we be greener with all this plastic?

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