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Richmond Nursery has been focused on growing and supplying the best plants to the Ottawa area. Annuals, perennials, vegetables, and herbs are all locally grown in our own greenhouses - a tradition we are very proud of. We also grow some of our own trees, shrubs, and vines. Find out all about the Richmond Nursery here.

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The people involved in Richmond Nursery gives us our character we have to this day. A thanks to all the people whom we've worked with over the years.

The nursery and garden centre has changed over the years. Enjoy our visual trip down memory lane.

Take a historic walk down memory lane of the Richmond Nursery Strawberry Farm.

Horticulture is farming and nothing has more trial, tribulations, and failures than farming.

Richmond Nursery Greenhouses & Farm
5740 Old Richmond Road, Box 850
Richmond (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada
K0A 2Z0
P: (613) 838-2282

The Richmond Nursery started our not in it's current location, but in an area called "Ottawa Park" near the dead-end of Ottawa Street. This was behind George and Claudia's original home.

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