Strawberry season is here!

Strawberries are a long standing tradition at Richmond Nursery. We're the longest running strawberry grower in Eastern Ontario and we're very proud of our field. We pride ourselves on having the best berries and strive for flavour and quality over all else.

June bearing strawberries are perennials that bare fruit annually. Different kinds of berries have a slightly different maturity time and characteristics. The average berry season is from June 20th to July 20th, but factors like weather play a critical role in fruit maturity dates.

Pre-picked strawberries are currently available for purchase at the field. Our pick-your-own harvest began Wednesday, June 24th. Be sure to call in advance before you come out as our fields are anticipated to be picked out at various times during the season.

COVID-19 has created many challenges for our society and also created new rules for our berry harvest. Please recognize the following guidelines set out by government recommendations for our pick-your-own season.

  • If you are sick or show any symptoms of being sick, do not visit our farm.
  • All visitors must abide by social distancing rules and maintain a 2m distance from others.
  • Only people from the same household will be assigned in the same row.
  • Maximum two children per adult picker, four people per family. You are responsible for your children and must remain in your row.
  • As our row spacing is 4' wide, we will be assigning pickers to alternate rows and refilling missed rows as pickers are finished picking.
  • Stay in your assigned row. If you stray from your row, you will be asked to leave the field. No exceptions.
  • Only those picking berries will be permitted on the property. Where possible, the minimum number of people per family should come out to pick berries. Every adult entering the field must pick a minimum of one 2l basket of berries.
  • Please pick your row clean and systematically. Picking only large berries or touching fruit you do not intend to pick is not permitted.
  • As the field is large and spread out, we recommend you bring sanitizer with you and sanitize your hands prior to entering the field and on leaving the field.
  • Sampling and eating of berries in the field is not permitted due to COVID-19 heath guidelines.
  • Due to the volume of people in the field, we request infants do not come into the field to reduce potential exposure.
  • Pets will not be permitted in the field at this time.
  • Our pick-your-own hours will be reduced to 8am to 6pm Mondays through Saturday, 9am to 5pm on Sundays and Canada Day.

Because of COVID-19, there is a shortage of 4l berry baskets as various manufacturers have converted to producing PPE and medical supplies. Only 2l baskets are available in our field. We encourage you to bring your own 2l, 3l, or 4l baskets with you into the field. Only 2l, 3l, or 4l baskets will be accepted and no other containers.

We will also be implementing a separate entrance and exit system to prevent crowds. You must check-in prior to visiting the field and pre-pay for your baskets then follow a separate exit once you are finished picking. Where possible, payment via contactless debit is preferred to minimize person-to-person interaction.

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