Community Garden Giveaway

In our efforts to beautify our community for all to enjoy, we're offering free plants to select garden projects around the city.

We grow plants. We love plants. We love our environment. We want everybody to share our enjoyment.

As part of our giving back to the community initiatives, we're doing a limited time giveaway of plants to projects that help our society as a whole.

If you or an organization you are involved in are looking for plants, submit an essay-type application to us. You must include your organization information, describe the benefit of your garden, explain how it will help society and allow for public enjoyment, some information about the size, shape, and conditions of the garden, and information on who will continue to maintain the garden in the future. Be sure your essay is complete on submission. Incomplete, point form, or bullet type applications will not be accepted.

We will be accepting applications until September 30, 2021. If your organization is selected, we will donate a number of plants of our choice to your project based on the information you provided in your essay application. The type of plants and quantity of plants will be dependant on your application and the benefit to the community so be sure to give us enough details about your garden. Plants must be picked up based on our scheduled pickup times, must be maintained properly until planted, and must be planted before October 31st. Selected applicants must also agree to share a photo of the garden either during or after planting. Projects may be posted with information on the organization, the garden, and the submitted photo on our website.

The garden must be a long-term garden as the plants we're looking to donate are perennials. There must be a plan in place for maintenance in the future. Plants need care and we are here to ensure the garden thrives.

Examples of projects include:

  • School ground projects to involve students in the planting and maintenance of plants
  • Churches, cemeteries, and other religious institutions beautifying their grounds for all to enjoy
  • Gardens at retirement or long term care facilities that allow residents to take part in the garden
  • Cooperative housing projects with community gardens involving residents
  • Community centres and associations creating gardens to involve their membership
  • Plantings in public spaces to involve community members
  • Non-profit organizations with public spaces which allow the public to enjoy the garden
  • Horticultural societies or clubs creating public spaces with membership involvement
  • Partnerships with City Parks to add garden plantings to public spaces with community maintenance

Gardens planted by an organization purely for curb-appeal do not qualify.

To apply, Contact Us using our Contact Form first to notify us of your intention to make a submission and we will give you the submission e-mail address. We can answer any questions you have before the application.

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