The garden centre is open only for limited feature plants and pre-picked strawberries. Our full facilities are not open at this time.

Updated June 22nd, 2020.

Nobody enjoys these uncertain times. Questions abound about the potential spread of the coronavirus. But our plants still need care and attention and we continue to plant and nurture all of our crops.

We appreciate the value of plants and gardening in these stressful times. The stress reduction effect of plants has been proven over and over again. The security and satisfaction of growing your own food is second to none. As such, our greenhouses are still in operation with a minimal crew to continue to grow and maintain our plants.

With the beginning of our strawberry harvest, new challenges arise around the number of visitors to our facility. As such, we're still limiting our immediate garden centre purchases to just select feature plants in a small area, pre-picked strawberry purchases, and pick-your-own strawberries. Feature items change and vary regularly with lovely planters, baskets, vegetables, and bedding plants being available. Unfortunately, we cannot take immediate orders on-site.

We take health and safety very seriously and feel the combined load of operating pick-your-own strawberries and a full garden centre would create too many crowds to operate comfortably.

Our online store is still operational and we continue to fill orders with quite fast turn-around times. Browse our availability in our online store at

Once our strawberry harvest comes to a close and the volume of people becomes more reasonable, our garden centre will re-open for browsing.

Thank you for your understanding.

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