Ever think about working in a Greenhouse and Farm?

Contrary to popular belief, working in a Greenhouse and Farm is not like puttering around in your back garden. Working at a Farm involves long hours and lots of hard work.

At Richmond Nursery, we're an incredibly diverse company. Staff are required to participate in nearly all aspects of the business. Staff may work in the greenhouse moving plants around, or working in the strawberry field setting out irrigation pipes, or even lugging pumpkins out of a muddy field. We believe in providing full-time seasonal employment and we hope to see our staff returning year after year. Some part-time positions and summer positions are also available.

All staff must be willing to work holidays and weekends, especially the Victoria Day weekend in May and the Canada Day weekend in June/July. Staff must be in good physical condition and must be willing and able to lift heavy weights, even greenhouse. Staff must arrange their own transportation and hours will vary from week to week. We also require than any student looking for work apply themselves - applications or inquiries by parents is discouraged.

To work at Richmond Nursery, you need passion and must love your work. We pride ourselves on having a crew of people who love what they do and treat each other like family. Many of our staff return year after year so positions are quite limited each year.

If you are interested in joining our team, send us your resume either by mail, e-mail, or in person.

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