Common questions about landscaping and consultation services.

Does Richmond Nursery offer landscaping services?

We concentrate fully on growing plants and not landscaping. Our landscaping services are limited to delivery and installations. Installations typically include large trees and hedges, though planting of smaller items is available. We do not prepare flower beds or do any "hardscaping" (stone work, wood work, etc.).

When installing large trees, how much space is needed?

All our plants are installed by hand without heavy equipment. As such we need less space than other landscapers may require. We do require 4' (1.5m) of clear access to the location for large trees. We cannot get through covered gates or over raised decks.

What is included with your installation?

When you arrange to get a plant or tree installed, you will receive a number of things.

Credit towards the delivery - we can delivery other items at no charge while installing your plant.

All required soil ammendments - peat moss, bone meal, etc. as required. We do not replace all the soil when planting since that can cause stress for a plant in the long-run. In some cases, a quality planting area will require no soil ammendments.

Initial transplant fertilizer - to help the plant start out and stimulate root growth.

Mulch - in the case of trees a mulch layer is placed around the plant.

Clean-up - we remove any excess soil, stones, or sod as required.

In general we do not stake trees. In our years planting trees, we have found plants typically grow and root better without staking. Staking is optionally available if you request your plant to be staked. If we feel it is required to stake a tree because of the type of plant or location, we will do so based on our experiences.

I am looking for a design for my yard. Do you do designs?

We do not offer any design services. Our staff will be happy to suggest plants for a particular area in your yard if you come in with sample photographs. It's a good idea to have a sketch of your yard available and mark North on the sketch so we know where the sun comes from.

Can you recommend a landscaper for design and/or landscaping services?

There are lots of good landscapers and designers around Ottawa we work with. Depending on your location and needs, we can offer suggestions when you're in-store.

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