Common questions about plant purchases.

Can I purchase plants online?

We are working towards offering plants online for local pickup. We also offer contract growing and custom plants, but not directly online. We are a Garden Centre focused on growing the complexities of shipping plants to ensure their proper heath would simply distract us from growing the plants as best as we can.

What are your store hours?

Our store hours vary through the year. We are only closed for two weeks following New Year's and are open again daily starting mid-January. Please call us to determine current store hours. The following is a general idea of our hours through the year:

Winter (Mid-January to March)
Daily 10am to 4pm

Late Winter (March/April)
Daily 9am to 5pm

Late Spring & Summer (May thru July)
Monday to Wednesday 8am to 6pm
Thursday and Friday 8pm to 8pm
Saturday 8am to 6pm
Sunday 9am to 5pm

Late Summer, Fall & Winter (August thru December)
Daily 9am to 5pm

Garden Centre (except Christmas & New Years) 9am to 5pm

Where can I purchase your plants?

Our plants are only available at our store. We have chosen not to sell and plants or produce through any other outlet, including farmers markets. We have a great diversity of plants and produce available through the year and do our best to maintain our current sites as best as possible. We don't want to stretch ourselves too thin by adding other locations or outlets.

Where can I get a pricelist or catalogue?

We don't have pricelists or catalogues available. Since the pricing and availability of plants can fluctuate considerably, it would be too difficult to maintain an accurate pricelist or catalogue. For plant information, visit our Plantapedia project.

Do you have a wholesale pricelist?

We offer wholesale pricing to qualified florists, fund raisers, landscapers and selected contractors. Contact us to see if you quality. We vet every customer for validity and to ensure a minimum set of standards for our plants.

How come you don't have much plant information or pictures online?

Unfortunately many plant pictures carry copyrights and often people do not want us to use their images on our site. In order to help get more information and images, Plantapedia was formed as a non-profit project. As such, many large growers are getting onboard helping to fill Plantapedia with useful information and some are also donating their images to our cause. Plantapedia will continue to grow and more pictures will be added over time.

What is the warranty on your plants?

We warranty all our hardy trees and shrubs for one year from the date of purchase. Annuals, indoor plants, annuals, and perennials are only guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase but do not carry and additional warranty. Marginally hardy plants and roses are guaranteed until October 15th of the calendar year they were purchased in. All marginally hardy plants state "Fall Warranty" on their tags and on the receipt. Our warranty is based on dollar-value. Though prices can fluctuate, a dollar-value warranty remains in effect even on sale plants. Also, if a plant does die and you find it was not what you are looking for, you may select any replacement product rather than being tied to a specific plant. Receipts are required for all warranty claims, so be sure to hang on to them. For full details on our warranty, please speak with our sales staff.

You do deliver and install plants?

We offer both delivery and installation services. Installation prices are based on the size of the plant. Delivery is based on postal codes and is a single fixed price regardless of the size or quantity of plants being delivered. Our deliveries are regionalized based on postal codes and we do not deliver on weekends. Installations are booked by our installation crew based on their workloads. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery or installation times, only dates.

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